Tree Planting

Nesam Charitable Trust is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Chennai Tamilnadu. Our tree planting is unique because it involves citizens and communities. They help us in every step right from identifying sites for tree planting, to planting, watering and protecting the sallings. This participation increases awareness about our dependence on trees for survival.

It also provides a common cause for people to come together and do something to improve the quality of life for years and generations to come. Our tree planting is done with prior permission of the Government authorities / owners of the tree planting sites


The trust is also interested in supporting the poor deserving students to continue their education. The support is to help as many who have prooved competence in their exams and are deserving poor. Such students are selected after careful examination and study by the volunteers and are granted scholarships to persue their education.

Workshops and seminars enhancing entrepreneur skill programmes such as salad and pickle making, were organized often at different localities from the date of establishment. So for more than five hundred and eighty women were benefited by this.

Blood Donation

“Nesam Charitable Trust” is an organization that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform.  Through this website, we seek donors who are willing to donate blood, as well as provide the timeliest support to those in frantic need of it.

Started in the year 2010, in a small room with just 100 voluntary donors but with the zeal to serve our society, to inspire and spread the word, we dream to fulfill 100% blood need in our city.

Our mission is to fulfill every blood request in the country with a promising web portal and motivated individuals who are willing to donate blood.

Free Medical Camp

In rural areas, there are often no facilities available for basic health care needs. The few that are there are under-staffed and mismanaged. Due to such circumstances, the poor living in these remote locations go on suffering from easily preventable diseases.

Hidaya sponsors health camps in such remote locations and arranges for medical teams, medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor.  Patients identified at the Medical Camps who need more in-depth treatment are helped under Nesam Charitable Trust Trust.